Magician & Illusionist THE MAGIC MAN

What actually is magic?

Perhaps a special gift? Possibly the use of supernatural powers? Or is it the secret tricks of a magician?

For me, as a stage illusionist, it is one thing above all: the moment when the spark ignites. When people think they can no longer believe their eyes. When they forget everything around them. When Willi Auerbach becomes the magician MAGIC MAN.

What does my formula consist of? Quite simple: I focus on variety – both in my magic shows and in everything that goes with them. So I am not only active as an illusionist and magician on stage, but also develop and build magic effects in the workshop of my studio.

It is precisely this versatility that I also rely on in my performances: While I am on the road with my solo magic show at small private or business events, several assistants and a whole technical team are part of the party at large galas. Together we also do magic with our illusion shows in variety theatres.

One of my heartfelt projects is the organisation of Variety benefit galas in aid of the Ethiopian charity “Stiftung Menschen für Menschen”, for which I have been an official ambassador for several years.

Most of the time, my magic accompanies me in and around Germany, but sometimes halfway around the world. In 2018, for example, I flew to the World Magic Championships in South Korea with 700 kg of luggage after finishing second at the German Championships in the field of large-scale illusion.

Maybe that’s exactly what magic is: discovering new things, overcoming limits, travelling to other worlds.

Have you become curious?  Then take a look at the videos of our TV appearances on SWR and Penn & Teller Fool Us in the Videos section.

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Choose the German magician & illusionist Willi Auerbach as a reliable and professional partner for the success of your event.

Magician MAGIC MAN from Germany

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