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Here are the magicshow videos of the German magician MAGIC MAN on YouTube. Just click on the video in the list below to see incredible magic tricks:

More magic videos?

If you want to see more magic show videos, visit the German website of the magician: MAGIC MAN – Illusionist. There you will find much more videos in the section magic show videos. Or visit the YouTube Channel with may more interesting magic show clips. Illusionist on YouTube

YouTube & TikTok

There are many videos from different magicians on YouTube and also on Tik Tok. But not so many show large scale illusions in their show. The MAGIC MAN offers stage illusions that you may have not seen before. For example his incredible magic trick, which he has shown on the world championship in Korea. Or the Dirk Losander mirage table which he performed on a German tv show.

MAGIC SHOW offers:

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