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Magicshow offers

corporate magician for your event

You want to leave a lasting impression at your next event and impress your clients? The magic show by THE MAGIC MAN  is suitable for business events of all kinds, whether an event for business partners, employees, customer event, fairs, meetings or anniversaries - this magician is your competent partner for Business Events. Business magician for companies You want to offer your audience a show that entertains, but also presents your products optimally?  With his Business Magic Show the MAGIC MAN organizes a successful evening with information and entertainment. Willi Auerbach uses your products in his magic performance [...]

close up magician

This magic does not happen on the stage, but very close to the audience - right in front of their eyes. THE MAGIC MAN shows intricate trickery and manipulation directly in front of the audience which amazes your guests. This form of magic is suitable for family celebrations, birthdays, corporate events and Christmas parties. The table magic close up show will give your event that special something, because this type of magic can be experienced at first hand and it will stay in your and your guests memory. Close-up magic can be combined with the regular [...]

stage illusion magic show

The grand illusion show of the magician THE MAGIC MAN is a highlight for really big events - This program consists of fascinating and unbelievable stage illusions on stage that you do not get to see every day. In addition to the magician, two or three pretty assistants provide great entertainment with their dance numbers, during the magicshow. With this performance, Willi Auerbach qualified for the German Championships of Magic Circle. You will be enchanted by this unforgettable spectacle! The duration of this presentation can be between 10 and 45 minutes and is suited for a very large audience. [...]

magician for bigger events

The medium show program consists of stunning magic effects with larger props and therefore also suitable for company events with a large audience. The charming assistant of the magician is an extra highlight. Depending on the event, the magic show can be composed individually. Nothing seems to obey the laws of nature: Dancing canes and floating stone balls are also part of the show as well as a gripping mental magical trick in which the mentalist hides a sharp spit under a mug and finds it again with the power of thought. In another trick the MAGIC MAN predicts [...]

magician for smaller events

Are you searching for an amusing and entertaining magicshow for your birthday party, wedding or for a corporate event? Then the exciting solo magic performance of THE MAGIC MAN  is just right for you. In this show, the magician works very close with the public For example, a borrowed wedding ring disappears before the eyes of the audience, only to reappear later. Even with a "strange" Indian magic rope the skilled magician amazes the viewers. Charming and eloquent THE MAGIC MAN enchants his audience and brings them to laugh. Your guests will remember this particular evening full [...]

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