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After the illusionist Willi Auerbach aka THE MAGIC MAN took 2nd place at the German Magic Championships in the division of stage illusion (a first was not awarded), the artist now took part in to the World Championship. This took place from 9 to 14 July 2018 in Busam South Korea and it is only held every 3 years.

We took part in the competition on Thursday the 2019/07/12 – at 8.30 am in the auditorium of the BEXCO conference center. We performed our Rubiks Cube stage illusion act successfully, but we have not received any placement. In our division there was no first place nor a third place. Just a second place. So we missed the third place just by a few points.

Since the magician traveled to Korea together with his team with a large amount of magic illusions in the luggage, he was supported by a sponsor, the company Brennet GmbH, regarding the transport costs:

Zauberer MAGIC MAN bei FISM Korea

Thank you Firma Brennet GmbH for supporting THE MAGIC MAN

world championship of magic

Self-developed magic illusion -Rubik's Cube Act

The MAGIC MAN will present a self-developed magic illusion in the magicians contest in Asia, which has not been performed in this way by any other magician. The artist lets an oversized, previously empty shown Rubiks Cube float up to two meters high. Meanwhile, his previously disappeared assistant appeares in the floating cube. After the Rubiks Cube lands again, it is disassembled and thus shown empty. The previously disappeared assistant reappears shortly thereafter at the back of the audience. The video of the performance can be found here under Videos. Keep your fingers crossed for the magician with his Rubiks Cube act at the World Magic Championship in South Korea.

World Championship FISM

The world championship FISM is held only every three years and takes place in completely different countries worldwide. This year, the 7-day competition and congress will take place from 9 to 14 July 2018 in Busam South Korea. The participating magicians compete there in various sections. "I'm curious how we will compleate in South Korea" said Auerbach, who is in the section Illusions (Stage Illusion). The illusionist travels to Asia with two assistants. One of them is his wife Elena, who also takes care of the choreographies and dance performances at the magic shows, the other is Jenna Benos from Freiburg. "Our magic props for the contest weigh over 700 kilograms and need to be flown to Korea. I am very happy that the company Brennet helps me to cover the not insignificant costs for the transport "says Auerbach. The company Brennet GmbH, which acts as a sponsor, is based in Wehr and is a traditional company from the textile industry.

Here you find a video of the Rubiks Cube Act by THE MAGIC MAN

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