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The grand illusion show of the MAGIC MAN is a highlight for really big events – This program consists of fascinating and unbelievable stage illusions on stage that you do not get to see every day. In addition to the magician, two or three pretty assistants provide great entertainment with their dance numbers. With this performance, Willi Auerbach qualified for the German Championships of Magic Circle. You will be enchanted by this unforgettable spectacle! The duration of this presentation can be between 10 and 45 minutes and is suited for a very large audience. Photos of the illusion show can be found here.


Illusionist THE MAGIC MAN overcomes gravity and moves weightlessly in space above the stage. During the presentation he floats over the stage more than two meters. He is can move in all directions and even fly through a solid metal ring. Willi Auerbach showed that illusion at the German Championships in Sindelfingen in front of around 1,000 spectators. A video of the stage illusion magic show can be found here.

illusion stage show

Overview of the various grand illusions:

CHEST magician appears on a blank box

FIRE CAGE assistant appears in the burning cage

SWITCH fast change of positions in seconds between assistant and magician

REVENGE ILLUSION magician changes place with the assistant who is confined to a grid

D-LIGHT A magical red light spot jumps through the air

PIERCED The magician gets  speared by a metal dagger

BASE Assistant appears in a fireball

INTERLUDE assistant penetrates the belly of the illusionist

MELTING magician melts through a solid steel plate

PERFECT PREDICITION THE MAGIC MAN makes incredible predictions

LEVITATION PROJECT  The magician flies weightlessly above the stage (FLYING ILLUSION)

JACKET ILLUSION A tied up assistant is suddenly wearing the jacket of the spectator

FLYING TABLE The magician levitates a table

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