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Here you will find answers to many questions about the MAGIC MAN shows.

How much does the magic show cost?2020-11-17T21:21:05+01:00

The MAGIC MAN’s fee depends on various factors. For example, the price depends on the number of spectators, the occasion of the event, the day of the week and the season. For example, a performance by the magician in March costs less than in December, since demand is lower in March. Performances during the week are also cheaper than on Saturday evening. Simply ask for your event without obligation and receive an individual offer. It is helpful if you give as many details as possible about the event in the request.

Does the magician offer shows on television2020-11-17T21:41:21+01:00

Yes you can book the magician for TV Shows. Just sent a request.

What are the magician travel expenses?2020-11-17T21:12:12+01:00

That depends on the show booked. The bigger the show, the higher the cost of transportation. Just send a request and we will find a good solution for the traveling costs.

Where does the MAGIC MAN come from?2020-11-17T21:40:42+01:00

The magician comes from Germany near Freiburg.

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