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Video FLYING ILLUSION - the magician's weightless flight (NEW) 



Experience the MAGIC MAN flying completely weightlessly. In this video Willi Auerbach presents his new levitation illusion. He can be booked for big events. Here you will find pictures of the floating magician.

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Video of the magic contest: MAGIC MAN wins silver at the German championship


From May 25 to May 28, 2017, the German Magic Championship of the Magic Circle of Germany took place in Saarbrücken. Willi Auerbach and his team took second place in the division grand illusion. A first place was not awarded in this division. Thus, it is the best placement in the field of  grenad illusions all over Germany.


The trailer ILLUSION SHOW 2013



Have a look at the impressive illusion show of the MAGIC MAN. Recorded at the press festival in Chemnitz, in which the magician and his assistants performend in front of 2,500 spectators. The video is a live recording of the cameras for the video projection.


Moderation in the house of the world cultures in Berlin



The entertaining compilation of a moderation in the House of World Cultures in Berlin. The MAGIC MAN was engaged there as a presenter of a mathematics contest some time ago.



The TV channel RTL West reported in the show "Guten Abend RTL" on the MAGIC MAN who made magic at the annual conference of the skeptics. (eV GWUP -. For science and critical thinking) He made the correct prediction of the share price. The program was broadcasted on Friday, 14 May of 2010.


MAGIC MAN in Gernan TV - ZDF


Here's a short video of the performance at the television channel ZDF in 2004. This live show was on a Sunday evening at 20.15 clock. The audience was an impressive 6.8 million viewers.